Sabri Paşayiğit | impressions

SP Architects

MIPIM 2019

We are attending MIPIM for the fifth time this year. Based on the experience we gained in previous years, the most important issue during this year was to determine our target audience. Before the fair, we established a business development team to analyze the participants and determine the target audience via the MIPIM Online Database. We have determined the countries and taking part companies we would like to give priority to abroad by looking at the progress of the sector. We have communicated through e-mail and an online platform to organize B2B meetings. It was all set. Creating such a scheduled timeline gave us a chance to make MIPIM 2019 more efficient than the previous years.

In addition, we organized a VIP networking lunch on the first day. We especially aimed to bring foreign investors and Turkish companies together. The lunch organization got quite a lot of interest, and I think it provides useful networks to both sides. Particularly this year, the participation of British and German companies was high. We had the chance to meet with many foreign investors and architectural offices, and the interest in our Diyarbakır Suriçi project was high. Taking part in the Istanbul Pavilion this year has contributed to us in terms of global branding. There we were together, representing one side of Istanbul, which is memorable for the other side. After MIPIM 2019, we focused on business development activities. We have established important contacts from several European countries, especially Germany and England, Russia and Kazakhstan. Our current priority is to maintain these connections. This year’s detailed and scheduled study taught us a lot for our next participation in MIPIM 2020.